The Art of The Little White Ball

Once upon a time, there was this little ball. And all he wanted to do was to go into this little hole. It seems very simple. It looks pretty easy on the tele (that's for you Andy). But, NOOOOOOOOOO sir. Mr. "I love playing all sports" found a very interesting challenge. I mean, I knew it would be difficult, but I didn't think it would be THIS difficult. Mark (Armstrong..shout out to Iowa) is shooting in the 80's and I am still in the $@&*'s. I actually have two really good teachers in my dad and Rod (my father in-law). But, like any good sport, it is not something you pick up over night.

It's also my observation that golf brings out a unique side to most people's personality. Little did I know the openness that the little white ball reveals. Who would have known how emotinal my dad would get during a round of golf? I have already decided that taking up golf is worth it just to play with my dad.

It's a simple game really and I am not even good enough to talk trash yet, which makes me feel way below average. I've also learned that in golf, you have to pick and choose when you talk trash. Example: guy tees off and skulls the ball which doesn't get past the ladies tee. This is not a good time to make fun. It seems to me that after 3-4 holes you start making cracks about overall scores and the number of 3-putts the other guy has had etc. (or you throw pink tees and markers throughout the rest of the game as Paul supposedly does (yes Megan, he's real). It's a finer point to the game, but something that with practice I think I will be able to master....the art of talking trash on the golf course that it. The only problem is that my game has to be a heck of a lot better before I can even begin my favorite art.


not the man

sorry everyone, that's not tom. it's a really funny picture that luke sent when the guys were talking about pompadours, but then chickened out of the style. i guess only a real man like johnny cash could pull something like that off. now they're just faux-hawkers like a lot of the world.

but tom's brother paul is thinking of going with the beckham-like mullet. i'm not sold, i'm a little nervous about it really. paul's a good looking guy, but a short-long is risky. it'll either make or break the dating scene for him. good luck paul.


where's my husband?

aren't you all curious as to why tom doesn't post? he's the one who started this whole canoe americana blog and now it seems that it's strictly me posting. frankly i'm a little disappointed that he hasn't taken advantage of this media. he's got opinions, and stories, and life experiences that he could share -- so why doesn't he?

for instance, in the last week, he's taught our dog how to "bring the paper" on a somewhat consistent basis, as well as lay on her side when he shoots her with his pretend gun and says "bang." that's really impressive right?

or he could talk about the controversy on the bigsoccer postings -- how these younguns think they know soccer, but clearly have no clue when they say bo oshonyi is a better keeper than tony meola. they love to rip into tom with stats and whatnot, but stats don't mean anything unless you're watching the game. and they called his brother paul a name, which is just hilarious because who calls people names when they're trying to prove a point? nevermind what they called him. they're mere children in the world's oldest sport.

and speaking of -- tom insists that the wave (where everyone stands up in a tidal-like motion at sporting events) originated in mexico and that it is actually called the "mexican wave." and also says that he hasn't done the wave at the k, during a royals game. are you kidding me? who hasn't done the wave at kaufman stadium?

so here are some topics i wish he would talk about, as well as many other things. like becoming a father, or taking a vacation with my family (scary?), or anything else that people blog about. (thanks for the photo, luke)


be still my beating heart

i know he has a new movie coming out, but currently tom & i are watching "quick change" which he helped write and direct, as well as star in, of course. he's a clown holding up a bank. even in 1990 he was a deadpan actor, just on the brink of becoming a cutely depressed old man. and i love him.

every time we see bill murray tom reminds me that his own looks are wasted on me. he's convinced that he could be a wrinkly, saggy-mouthed middle-aged man but maintain his sense of humor and i'd love him the same. he may be right. it's so much more important to laugh every day then think to yourself, man, my husband's hot. in twenty years he probably will be a wrinkly, saggy-mouthed middle-aged man. but he'll still say funny things, and do funny things and that's what i need - to laugh every day. several times. if not all day long.


camera shy

i'm trying to find the best camera for the buck. my sister says i want a fancy one, definitely with slr. perhaps a canon powershot 3.2-megapixel or kodak easyshare 5.0-megapixel. or even a canon eos digital rebel. i was looking at a fuji fine-pix 6.3 or a minolta dimage 6.0. if i go with say, a fuji fine-pix 4.0 i get the speedy shutter, but i sacrifice the enlargement. if i get the fuji fine-pix i get the enlargements but lose the shutter speed, right?

and i have a nice minolta maxxum 300si. it's a great manual camera, but big, and i tend to leave it at home because of its size. do you have a camera you like? something that you take a ton of pictures with, and can reproduce/zoom/take pictures quickly with high quality? i'm itching to get this camera before the baby comes, which means i have 3 & 1/2 months.

and some might know that i LOATHE canon; supposedly they're the best on the market as far as professional photography is concerened, but both kelly and sarah have had terrible luck with them breaking. and on top of that, their customer service lacks in every area, except in being frustrating. but if i get my camera from best buy then i can get a protection policy, which means they'll take care of everything and pretty much hand me a new camera. i hate to admit it, i really like best buy. but not canon. (thus no link, bad camera company)


you taste good boss

i love to cook, mostly because i love to eat. and i love to eat because both of my parents are great cooks. i've found that i cook more like my mom, sticking close to tried & true recipes that always please. my dad is fancier, watching the cooking shows and then emulating them in amazing ways. and i'll eat everything, except veal, which is morally wrong and depressing and every time someone orders it or eats it i think about this sad little baby cow carcass i saw my senior year of high school at alex's lake house. it was just the remnants, bone and fur, and really small. sad, huh? don't you feel bad?

anyway, if you have great recipes, let me know. i can always use some suggestions. and i'll try anything once. i know a lot of you out there cook. from fried fish to chicken tortilla soup to lemon bars, i'll take it.

some of you might wonder, does tom cook? no, i won't let him. i have trust issues in the kitchen and therefore usually refuse to let others around the sink and stove. only family and close friends can really step into that arena. and while tom definitely fits into that category, he doesn't love the kitchen like i do. but he can make some mean pancakes.



i've officially changed positions from "office manager" at kelly jackson photography to "office manager" at associated benefits manager . tom and i get to work together now, and i still get to spend some time with the girls at kjphoto. it'll be a nice change going from one house to the other; messing with files and insurance to retouching good-looking people.

i think i'm getting more done now than before because subconsciously i have more flex time. i'm able to plan lunch dates with friends and little appointments here and there for, oh, wahtever. how do people have 5-day a week, 8/9-hour a day jobs? how do you go full force and then go home and do more? so far i've gotten lunch made, laundry done, kitchen cleaned and my office moved and set up. i feel accomplished. hopefully it'll feel like this every day. otherwise i'll end up on the couch watching bridezillas or dog the bount hunter (which is really worth checking out).