just a heads up, per t.j.'s suggestion, i might be trying this adsense deal. it's more of an experiment, so needless to say, "we'll see".
well it seems it's been a while and that could be for a number of reasons: wyatt's been sick, cassie's got a new tooth, i've been sick, tom's been working like a dog. most recently i've pulled a muscle in my neck and this new adventure leaves me moving like a robot. so i'll make this short. here are some photos of the cutest kids this side of mastin (who can compete with noah?)


alright, paulie, 'nuf said. the hairs are looking good. deal with it. even wyatt wanted to get on and vote, but i told him that wouldn't be fair. and this wasn't a close race, like some you've claimed were clear winners on your blog ("the poll clearly shows..." see post titled "back by popular demand!"). check it out, the numbers don't lie.

but even if you do grow it out to john the immerser length again, we'll still love you.