Summer fun revisited

 I have the external hard drive out so I figured I'd post more photos from our summer vacation in America.
Cass enjoyed the hike (I'd like to think) that took us all day and led us to several meeses, aka moose, wild strawberries, rain and ended with a bloody knee. But this photograph was taken before all of the drama and exhaustion. Notice the big smile and the tidy hair. Not so six hours later.

This is our Little Bean. All of you that said she must be getting teeth because of her constant tongue wagging were right. Two days after landing back in Jerusalem her two bottom teeth pushed their way through her sore little gums.

These boys make plaid look good. We miss all of our nieces and nephews, especially the newest one, Noble Jonathan, who decided he wasn't quite ready to meet us yet. He waited until we landed safely in the Middle East and then made his beautiful arrival. He's such a great guy that he shared his Papa with us just a month and a half after he joined the other Simons.

Surprisingly we remembered to have someone take our photo. Aren't we so good looking? Colorado was cold and wet but still gorgeous. And we had a great time in Colorado with my family. We're such a subdued and sophisticated tribe.

Or not.
We also enjoyed a night of KL soccer, which is always a highlight. Few things make me smile more than watching Tom use his dormant soccer skills, or celebrating with Lauren after she puts a ball past Paul while he's in goal.
Truly one of the biggest highlights was meeting Valor William and Iva Leigh in person. This last year was filled with so many ups and downs in our family and it tested my reliance on Yeshua. Seeing these ladies and their babies reiterated how good He is and that He gives us our every breath. 

If this wasn't enough photo fun for you, then go through and look at some of the older posts. This one should make you smile.