g.e.i. or just rain?

it's been so long i almost forgot how to log in. what's new, you might ask. or maybe not. well, we've got wyatt sleeping through the night without his pacifier or swaddle. he now rolls all over the bed because of this new freedom; i find him on the opposite side of the crib from where i laid him down. the solid 7+ hours are nice. and he tried his first solid food today, a pretty milky version of the healthiest rice cereal. the box says "no gei." what's gei you might ask, or maybe not... it's genetically engineered ingredients, duh. (no doi) so our baby is all organic, if you don't count the wendy's i ate last week. yes, he is strapped into his carseat; that's what happens when you're too little to sit up on your own. he liked the cereal well enough and so i feel a sense of peace. we're leaving him with my parents next weekend while we travel to florida for paul's wedding and knowing that the little guy can mix it up with milk AND cereal makes me feel better. but i am going to miss the dickens out of that boy.
today tom went into wyatt's room while he was napping, and was so taken with how great his son is, he said he wanted to shake his fists with joy, in true soccer player fashion. i love my husband even if he is 52 weeks and three days away from being 30.
we're waiting to hear from a friend about a possible commitment in helping with the coffee shop. tom's getting his ducks in a row and ryan closed on the building (we hope). mark moved in down the street (there goes the neighborhood, right sheryl crow?) so he's been around more than when he lived in iowa, or california. megan cut her hair but not really since she's scared of the boys and their vicious ways. galadriel's son (and luke's) andrew is an overachiever, getting well over a 95% on height and weight. tom has a new soccer buddy in andy michael and he's stoked to really talk futball with the welshman. sarah and james went to houston to visit md anderson, only to find out that the dr's recommendation here at ku was right on. a second opinion never hurts, especially when you're staying a week for free and you've got a private pool. dad got cleared to golf, "pom" and i watched abbie (she calls me "ee") and rachel's coming home in a couple weeks. susan and eric highly recommend new zealand (lucky) and shannon is potty training kelly. anything else you want to know? oh, steph and jack are selling their house; super cute, nice neighborhood, interested? bri's going to school and brooks is working like a dog. not really interesting, but it seems like everyone is on the busy bus. did you get your ticket?