Just like I promised...

I believe I said in my last post that there would be a link soon to the video where Tom talks about the trial of Yeshua. Well, BOOM, here it is. Seeing the spot and having him explain it was eye-opening. Granted, it doesn't look like it did 2000 years ago, but to have some sort of idea about where He stood while Pilate questioned the crowd is powerful. And to hear Tom talk about it, with his usual passion and wisdom is really fun. It makes my heart smile. Not the trial part, obviously, but the knowledge part. Tom is one smart cookie.


Summertime with Maasen

For starters, we are having some incredible weather. We haven't even turned on our fans yet; the nights are cool and there is a refreshing breeze almost every day that makes living on the Hill a huge blessing. 

A big activity right now for Maas and Cass: Legos.
They've built homes, tree houses, cars and a horse cart thing. Watching Maasen work alongside Cassidy is pretty hilarious. Order meets randomness and somehow it works.

We've also visited the Old City twice (not counting Tom, Maasen and Cassidy's trip through Hezekiah's tunnel and the Southern Wall). Today we saw the probable place of Yeshua's trial and took some video. I'm excited to share that with you soon at our RJ website.
A classmate of Tom's gave him an old camera (old to him) that he suggested we give to Cassidy so she can take her own photos. Here's the little photographer in action:
This most likely means we will have a new feature where Cassidy posts some of her favorite photos. It helped make the long day more enjoyable for her. She's already been to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Garden Tomb a few times, so having the assignment of taking photos was fun and kept her happy.

And of course we're having a great time just being with Maasen and enjoying the little things she brought with her. One of Emmylou's favorites: this black and white blankie with red tags made by new Mama Cass.
Emmylou loves it, obviously. She tries to eat it or suck on it with her thumb on a daily basis. (Notice she is wearing pants. I told you it was cool here.)

We still have almost two weeks left with Maas and we've only just begun the adventure. We're loving every minute of it!


Silent Shimmy

Maasen arrived and apparently she brought some dance moves with her. She laid down on the mat with Emmylou and this is what happened...