he does his own stunts and sound effects. eat your heart out john wayne.


yahoo! check this out! "bounce!"
we've made a bit more progress on the bathroom. look at that! also, the curls are no more. while we were at sam's club sunday the receipt lady, commenting on wyatt's cowboy jean jacket and boots, said, "what a cute little cow GIRL!" NO! this has happened a couple of other times, so i promptly called raena who brought her stuff over sunday night and cut it all off. it's a pretty cool haircut, but it's taking some getting used to. he had a lot of hair. we'll let it grow a bit and then see what we think... also, wyatt got to play cowboy with his cousin harrison. it was a beautiful sight to see. he even wore his cool cowboy hat for the first time. i've tried several times to get him to wear it, so how great was it that harrison got him to wear it, since he's the one who gave it to him (thanks to a little help from lauren and paul). so stinkin' cute. he loves his big cousin "harris" as he calls him. and then he woke up the next morning and wanted to be a cowboy again.


i actually had the thought today: it is easier with one.

this last year it never occured to me (or maybe i refused to let myself think it) that having one two year old would be easier than a two year old and a one year old. but as baby cass slept and wyatt played on the bed while i folded laundry, i thought it. and then i recognized that i do have the two little ones, 15 months apart, and it's going okay. it's just one more thing to be thankful for.

stay tuned, as wyatt had an adventurous weekend: a visit with a new friend, cowboys with harrison and a haircut. woohoo!
thanks for mentioning it, jacklynn. it is a new look. i figured, i'm coming back to the blog, i should start it off with something new. so here it is. i also realize that it would be so nice to be able to watch the videos via the blog, however i'm still having trouble. is that possible? as it is, youtube is still the publisher of choice and i hope you all keep watching. and reading.

today, the blog has been an excuse to not work on the bathroom... but there's some progress: grout. we're thankful that's over. we will not be volunteering to help with grout. big fat "not it", as tom would say.

and also, if you haven't heard, stephanie and jack are having a little baby girl, read about their adventures at certainly worth a read. enjoy!
check out the new youtube videos. cass is a star.


an explainable absence really. hanukkah, christmas, new years, family, sickness, new water heater, broken furnace, shower without water, a tempermental toilet, a talkative wyatt, an adventurous cass, a needy dog and a veneer gone awol twice. we're surviving by our chinny chin chins, but don't expect much till the bathroom returns.