quiet wyatt

why is my baby crying

a. he's hungry
b. he's tired
c. he's poopy
d. he's not poopy
e. he's sick
f. he misses his dad
g. he's uncomfortable
h. he's teething
i. he's not allowed to watch tv (the tournament's on)
j. all of the above

good thing he's cute...


march 9th & god is still eternal

today was one of those kick in the pants days. get it together. evaluate. do something. i mentioned how powerful leah's words were wednesday, about not getting lost in the daily frustrations that we face. tom and i talked a bit about it and were so thankful that through leah's open heart we got redirected onto the path of what matters. i needed it wednesday night because bookkeeping can be a drag, especially when i'm behind and i want to do a good job because i know i'm blessed to be doing work from home (and for a godly woman, no less). so i was stressed wednesday when i left our house for home group, then leah shared her eternal perspective and i went home and finished work. i wasn't freaked out about it and even though the next day was equally busy, i survived.

this evening as i walked away from washing a huge pile of dishes, i noticed the kay arthur daily verse calendar. i thought, ah, who cares. but then turned around realizing i needed to hear from god. i hadn't read it since the 8th, wednesday, and when i turned to the 9th i read this: while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. of course kay goes on to talk about not getting so busy with earthly things that we forget the eternal and i nodded in agreement. is god putting everyone on the same page? is life so basic that he knows what we'll struggle with or is he so great that he can incorporate the tiniest details into a massive plan involving so many people.

just a little "thanks leah" again because god is using you. and everyone else, for that matter. so my get up and do something, well, it was leaving the tv off and reading a little bit of what god has to say. and that feels good.


windows open

susan got married! after a year of planning, the thing went off without a hitch, or they got hitched, or something like that. us girls got our hair done, which was a fiasco for some ladies. shannon ended up with a bad 80's version of a bee-hive and kelly took hers down before we could get a look at it. but with some bobby pines and curling irons, everyone looked beautiful, especially susan. eric was dashing in his tux, but really wowed everyone with his song for susan, a coldplay-u2-david crowderish song written, recorded and produced by none other than mr. simon. it was, well, flooring. so, without going into all the details, and there are a lot, i'll just say it was perfect. and soon they're off to new zealand.
jason and shannon stayed with us for the wedding and landon played big cousin to wyatt, very cute as you can see. soon landon will have another little sibling, and will have more little ones to protect.

dad had surgery on his knee, a whole replacement of the thing, in fact. and he's doing well. moving and shaking almost to speed. i'm thankful everything went according to the doctor's wishes; his golf game will be back to normal, or better, soon.and this guy is rolling over, belly to back and wants so badly to get from his back to his belly. it's amazing what these little guys accomplish in so little time. i wish i was as productive.
i'm planning on making a trip to the peanut soon with bri since i'm having a beepers void. and maybe i'll start jogging. or walking. one more wedding, paul and lauren on the beach, and then world cup madness. in the meantime i plan on writing a little bit on my own, and maybe following the rules of the english language. or not. or maybe i'll just open up some windows.