she's got moves. and he's got his boombox.



here's wyatt playing with bob the builder and wendy. you can hear him say, "i fall down." then he asks them to help him up, and of course they do.
and then there's cassie, trying to walk over the threshold while holding her drink. just a tidbit of life in our home this morning.
things my kids do:

cassie walks now. not all the time but she can if she feels like showing off.

wyatt says "goblessyou" when we sneeze and cough.

she's learning just how loud she can yell. and then wyatt tells her, "too loud, cassie."

he pretends to fall down a lot, laughs and says, "woa, i fall down."

she's figured out that smiling and laughing as people pass her at the grocery store gets their attention.

he wipes off our kisses.

she says "hi" and "buh-bye" and waves.

he's learning to identify the school bus by the sound it makes as it comes down our street each morning.

she's learning how to crawl in dresses and skirts -- with her knees locked and her bum in the air.

he can open the back door to let yuma in when she barks.

she can get her drink off her high chair by herself.

and just as i'm typing this wyatt came up with a stack of blocks and said, "i got you flowers, mama." he's watching his papa's example. aren't they pretty flowers?


it's been one of those weeks where the kids are C-U-T-E. i can't help it. they are really fun.

also, on a parenting note, i've realized , finally, that when they start making bad decisions (throwing toys, playing with the toilet paper, crying incessantly, messing in yuma's water) it's because they are tired. wow. and then the other night tom and i almost go into it about what i don't remember, and then i realized: he's tired (we both probably were), he's making bad decisions. i'm working on a big learning curve, here.

here's the cheeser in her favorite hat. she plays with this hat from aunt ann all the time
she wants to be like her brother. camo shirt, camo shoes. (wyatt never wore white jeans, though)
wyatt counts the omer every night (that we remember) waiting for bible stories after bathtime full on cheese. she's racing towards the camera.


this is just to say

that my husband is amazing.
please forgive me,
i might go on and on,
but he came home with flowers
and complimented my dinner repeatedly
then played with the kids
and mowed the lawn.
and when wyatt fell down
he was quick to pick him up
and made things better
by filling up the bowls with water
so wyatt could play with the cups.

( i heard an interesting story on npr and they did a spin-off of william carlos williams' poem -- -- and how politicians never really apologize.)


here he is: record-setting asher james. just like his big sister, abbie, he was born super fast and super cute. isn't sarah gorgeous? that's what happens when your water breaks and two hours later you have a baby. like i said, record-setting.