some tidbits:
rock stars ready for abbie's 5th birthday party. both kids are wearing jeans that tom bought at thrift stores before we ever met.
skipping a nap can be dangerous for the kids. when the whole family ran out to pick up a pizza cass didn't last the 15 minute drive and ended up being transferred to the couch. she's a stylish, hard-working girl, and already multi-tasks at age 2. the question is, who models this phone talking?

and just to add depth, i read this verse today and it sums up so much of the journey (the whole chapter really does...) john 15:7 - "If you remain united with me, and my words with you, then asks whatever you want, and it will happen for you."

keep on keepin' on.


i wish my house was starchy clean. i have enough trouble making sure the kids have shirts without stains and tom has underwear, scrubbing the floors seems laughable. but last night i cleaned our bathroom and threw out so much junk: old hair bands, earrings i've had since i had my ears pierced over a decade ago, mascara from last year, lotion that i never liked the smell of in the first place. i scrubbed the flor and toilet. reorganized my jewelry. it felt so good. the only drawback is it took so much time and energy and it is such a small space i don't feel like i accomplished much. i want every corner to be clutterless and free of dog hair. will this ever come true for me?

maybe i should stop blogging and start cleaning...