two different interpretations of 'row your boat' by the cutest in the house.

and to top it off, the abc's, minus a few letters. you know what he means.


two things:

one) is it hard to read this blog when the font is white and the background is brown? i like the way it looks, but is it user-friendly?

two) have you ever jumped on a trampoline so high you did two flips and three twists? if so then you could win a gold medal. seriously. it's simply called "trampoline". tom, sam, brooks and i watched a lot of this tonight. they wear little white socks and jump 40 feet high. it's definitely better than the equestrian competitions. please, those horses deserve some clover and a break. http://www.nbcolympics.com/trampoline/index.html

and since i'm on the topic of the olympics, what's with usain bolt of jamaica showing off before he finished the race? he's fast, sure, but doesn't he realize that record will be broken next week? he should've finished the race instead of showboating (as some might call it). i'm disappointed.

who am i not disappointed in? the u.s.a. softball team (they're reminding the world why this isn't an olympic sport: no one can touch them); the sand volleyball teams (the women and men are exciting to watch. have you ever run on sand?); and the women's soccer competition, specifically brazil (the u.s. is good but i'm thinking marta is going to show everyone [pay attention, boys] what soccer looks like)

hope you're enjoying the summer games. we're getting a kick out of seeing the best athletes in the world put on a show. it makes me want to go exercise...or go to sleep.

our weekend: a video essay

we spent our weekend with a damsel in distress, baby cass. her runny nose turned into a fever friday and this is what we've been dealing with ever since. the nurse practitioner said aside from a little bit of a red throat she looks healthy. we'll blame it on her canines coming through, although she's never been this miserable before. she's got some serious lungs, but you might not be able to tell in the video because she's winding down at this point. help!!!

(after you watch this you might be wondering how i could just let her cry on the floor. trust me, i tried to hold her and console her. this turned out to be the best thing for both of us. also realize that she had been screaming like this long enough for me to think about getting the camera, and then to acutally get it.)

then she realizes things are going to be okay

and it's life as usual