we're still STILL working on the bathroom. wyatt's been working hard with his papa the last two days. we thought we'd be closer to finishing, but the colors we picked out don't seem to go with the tile, so we're revamping. good thing i'm married to a painter. speaking of...
i actually think those are some good muscles there, and they haven't diminished in the last 10 years. but i didn't marry him for the muscles, and i sure didn't marry him for the ponytail. that's a sore topic, though.

this photo has been circulated by my sister-in-law shannon with a very funny disclamer. he hasn't used the "open fisted flex" in some time, but i think it has proven useful. take my survey.

in the realm of kids, cassie is standing on her own, although not daring enough to take the first steps, which is surprising for the kid who pushed her way out the front door and onto the concrete. wyatt and cass have been keeping up the wrestling matches (check out youtube) but i have to constantly remind wyatt that they can't wrestle on the hardwood floor. he likes to act like he's hugging her and then pull her down, choke-hold style. but on a sweeter note, he sang about Jesus being his friend on the way home from my parents' house the other night.

here's the biggest update about the little man: gigi and papo (my parents) watched the kids tuesday and when tom and i got back from our "hot date" wyatt was playing "eric's coffee shop". what, you might ask, is that? well, gigi and papo have a toy cash register with plastic money and credit cards. there's a nice little slot where you slide the card through and barney says cutesy things about being polite. wyatt thought this seemed a lot like eric's coffee shop. i didn't even know eric had a coffee shop! all this time we thought he went to dunn brothers to work but really he's at his coffee shop...wait! a couple weeks ago we (me, wyatt and cass) went to dunn brothers to get eric a gift certificate to thank him for all the computer help he's given us. while we were there i explained what we were doing; this is where uncle eric comes to work and he gets coffee here. eric's coffee shop. yup, i even used a credit card to pay. so is it that shocking that my 2 year old made that connection? apparently it shouldn't be.

i love my kids. who wouldn't love a face like this? so kissable and yet you don't want to touch her. she really is wonderful. and she eats like she's not sure when her next meal is coming.

after meals like this a bath is necessary, but since the tub is out of commission, she ends up in the sink. wyatt doesn't want to be left out, so we test the skill of papa, as he's the one who put the sink in.
[there was a photo here of both babes in the sink, one in each side, but thanks to some good advice i took it off. naked children shouldn't be published on the web.]
we went to purim, to celebrate esther's brave move to prevent the evil haman from annihilating the jews. it's customary to dress up. we are: a cow, a shepherd (not to be confused with yasser arafat), a cowboy and princess leia.

wyatt had his first easter egg hunt, which he enjoyed once he caught on. his cousin abbie did a good job helping him find the really hard ones. his favorite was just being with her, chasing her around and laughing with her.

i plan on updating youtube, so check it if you have a minute. or two. hope you're well. till next time...can you see the drool?


you MUST go to our youtube and watch the new film with eric.

i hope you laugh as hard as i did.