American Vacation

We spent 5.5 weeks in the States and I think a photo survey of our time will have to suffice. It will come in parts...so here goes so far.

I love these boys. Sam joined us for part of our time in Colorado. Can you tell these guys missed each other? 

There was major cousin time.
Eliana, Liam and Emmylou loved spending time together.

 Valor, Emmylou and Loch were waiting around for their cousin Noble to arrive.
 But the waiting proved too much for Loch...
 And then things got out of hand. Well, not really.
And Pop caught a raccoon.

Sidenote: We are reading 'Little House in the Big Woods' and one of the stories is about Pa taking the animal skins to town to sell so other people could turn them into coats and rugs and whatnot. I told Cassidy it was like when Pop trapped the raccoons. I pointed out that, unlike Pa, Pop didn't kill the raccoons but took them to the park and let them go free. She was quick to say that it would be ok if Pop killed the animals to use their skins because Mima knows how to use a sewing machine. Yes, that will be the day, when Mima wears homemade 'coon skin clothing.