Cassidy's Camera Time

Cassidy took the camera for a few moments and photographed points of interest. In her words...
"I wanted to do the chair because I just like taking pictures and I just wanted to take a
picture of the rocking chair, that's why."

"Your pants, um skirt. Your skirt, I just took a picture of. That's just why."

"The doggie I did for, I like it. I did it because I really like. Dogs are fun. Smile."

"I did it because I just thought about taking it, that's why."
"I did it because I like flowers and flowers are pretty. I just love flowers. Smile, spell smile."

"I like tigers and I just wanted to do tigers. So I just took a picture of it."
And here she is, the artist herself. Pretty good self portrait. "I like smiling."

She kept telling me to write the word "smile" at the end; I'm not sure what that's about. But this is how she sees her life. If only I could be a fly on the wall at school...


Butterfly Time

Last summer Big Cassie gave little Cassie a chrysalis that was getting ready to become a Monarch butterfly. As I remember it was actually for Wyatt and Cassidy, since he would love the orange color, but he wasn't around to see it emerge.

Sidenote: Just recently, because of the Gospel Portion, I shared with Little Cassie about how the butterfly represents resurrection. I showed her the picture of Lazarus in her Bible, when he is all wrapped up. It was the perfect illustration of the caterpillar being "wrapped up" and then emerging as a butterfly into new life, like Lazarus did, and like Wyatt and Zeke.

Although we didn't make it to the Monarch Watch event this weekend Big Cassie brought us a chrysalis again. We strung it up on the stick and watched it dangle, as it gave us a sneak preview of its contents.
  Last night I was certain the little butterfly would come out, and sure enough when I walked into the kitchen this morning it was clinging to the string, it's wings not full size and it's body spotted and fat.

  Slowly throughout the day it grew and stretched and hopped about. Finally this afternoon we felt it was ready to go outside. I opened the front door and it flew away, up into the treetops and Cassidy said, "It's beautiful." It truly is. Thanks for sharing, Big Cass.
And since BC requested it, here's the video of Cassidy and her butterfly last year. I am so glad I caught this on film.
Something else that's beautiful: how much Cassidy loves this guy. Thanks for sharing him, Big Cass.


Hate to hassle you all, but we're getting ready to send out an e-mail newsletter for Remember Jerusalem (it's super cool) and I don't want to send it to everyone on my contact list. Well, really I do, but I don't feel right about sending you e-mails if you really don't want to read them. I know how In-Boxes fill up. So please, if you're interested contact me at And for those of you that did send a response already, THANK YOU!


First Day of School

Life is filled with sweet moments, and this one was bittersweet. Cassidy went to her first day of Pre-School today and I cried. I remember leaving my mom to go to school. She was my best friend and I didn't want to go without her, and even up through the years it always made me a little sad to know she was home by herself. What would she do without me?! Well Cassidy didn't have any of that worry; she was giddy with excitement about the first day of school, and Miss Anne, and the playground.

But this is the same school that Wyatt was supposed to attend last year and not having those memories with him is sad. I can imagine how excited he would be for her, I can hear his little voice, "Cassie you get to go to school like me!" And he would tell her all about the playground and teachers and activities. This morning at breakfast we talked about school, about making friends and obeying Miss Anne. And about how proud Wyatt is of her for being brave and smart. She was filled with anticipation for the adventure. Can't you tell?

She is in class with Noah; there are four girls and five boys, and she's already making friends. Miss Anne has a sweet spirit and we are thankful she is their teacher. I am excited for Cassie to have some structed learning time and interaction with lots of little kids. The yellow room has animals and play-dough and lots of toys so I know she will have a lot of fun with Noah and the other kids.
While the kids were in school Lauren and I got coffee and Tom had breakfast with his mom. At 11:30 we showed up at school and all the kids were outside playing. Cass would have stayed all day if we let her, but when it was time to go she gave Miss Anne a hug and grabbed her little yellow bag and headed out. When Tom asked her what she did at school the first thing she mentioned was the snack. That's my girl!
These two will have a great time in the yellow room and will learn so much about being big kids. I know they will have a good influence on each other and the other kids. They will enjoy every minute of Pre-school, but let's be honest, I'm glad she's home now...