happy birthday

it's been a year since we started this blog and we've come a long way, and yet not very far at all. we started off with a blog about soccer and it seems we've come full circle. more soccer. we've had a baby in the meantime and changed jobs and hairstyles and churches. thanks for checking in, thanks for your comments. we hope you have a great year of living and blogging.

i'll admit, blogging has lost some of its lustre, the newness is gone and i won't say it's a chore, but as people drop off (luke) i get a little down about the point of blogging. but every now and again i get a kick out of hearing about people's lives, once they update, so thanks guys. hope you're all healthy and happy and looking forward to more americanas.



this about sums up the united state's 2006 fifa world cup experience: laughable and frustrating.

i know this may sound like the easy way out, but "Deutschland! Deutschland!" i like jurgen and his metrosexual coaching. maybe in 2010 he'll be the u.s. coach. a girl can dream.

but i will give a shout out to clint dempsey. he did something no one else on the team did, he scored.


2006 FIFA World Cup

i wanted to clear up any misconceptions about our trip to colorado for the world cup (yes, i know it's in germany right now) and let you all know that we did leave the house during those ten days. a brief photo-journal of what we did in winter park...

harrison passed his astronaut classes by hanging upside down in the gyro-something
landon won "the most daring 4-year old" as he jumped on the bungey trampoline and sped down the alpine slide with his dad and on solo trips
susan and eric proved their bungey love while doing flips at the same time
i climbed the wall...
lauren climbed the wall...
and eric climbed the wall
tom and i celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss
landon rode the horse
landon and harrison battled the swedish warrior lauren...and we watched soccer.


north of eden

i love public radio. so much that the water i was boiling for mac-n-cheese just boiled to nothingness. i guess that's better than overflowing all over the stove, then i'd have to clean it. today they're talking about community gardening and it makes me want to go get a plot out at the park. but i know that i won't; it's so much work! i'm trying to get herbs to grow in the sunporch and even that is a chore. i tried last year to grow herbs in the good ol' soil and the dog trampled them. between the dog and the trees, there's no way we're growing anything except dirt in our yard.

it's not like i don't want to walk out to my back yard and pluck some lettuce and carrots and onions and mix them in a nice salad, or to have fresh salsa without going to the store. but who has time for that? i guess some women do, like miss galadriel. this is a formal request for galadriel to post some pictures of her garden so we can all "ooh" and "ahh" over them and be jealous.

i have to go repent for coveting her vegetables.