honey this is very good

while washing the dishes the other day i was overwhelmed by God's idea of babies. how did he come up with babies? he created adam, fully grown and eve, out of a rib, but babies are a totally different story. they grow. they crawl. they stand. they laugh. they eat. they smile. that's the most amazing thing in the world.

when wyatt wakes up he's usually standing at the corner of the crib, holding on and trying to chew on the railing. when he sees me he moves away a little bit and smiles. oh. he's so glad i'm coming in to get him up for the new day. i pick him up, his diaper soggy and his precious skin so soft. and he keeps smiling until i lay him down to change that diaper...and then he thinks it's time to go back to bed. i reassure him and change his diaper and we begin the adventure of life that changed everything i ever knew to be true about life. nothing is the same.