The B-I-B-L-E

At King of Kings, the English speaking congregation we attend, there is an amazing couple in charge of the children's ministry. They've named the Sunday night program Kids Zone and it's been a huge blessing. The topics for each night are built around the holidays and other important basics of life. The kids get educated a bit about what is going on in Israel and what the Bible says about these festivals. Tom and I volunteer once a month so we get to see firsthand how much the kids enjoy the program and how much energy Daniel and Jalene put into every service. They are a fantastic couple who greet the kids by name, do skits, lead worship and teaching times as well as put together great activities and snacks. To say that Cassidy looks forward to Kids Zone is an understatement.

One of the focuses of Kids Zone is Bible memorization. The verses come straight from the weekly lesson and they put the Word of G-d into the hearts of kids. Cassidy and I try to spend time talking about the verses and memorizing them. It doesn't happen every week, and lately she's been sick so we've missed a few nights, but her effort has been rewarded: she memorized the most verses out of the 3-5 year old class for this season! Since she was sick last weekend we stayed home, but Tom went to service and Jalene sent home a bag of goodies to celebrate Cassidy's achievement. She was very excited about each item, and since Jalene didn't get to see her open it (she sent it with Tom to cheer Cass up) I wanted to post her reaction here.

My favorite part of this video is how she thanks them for her presents. It's like she's accepting her Grammy or Oscar or something but she truly means it.

We're so thankful to Daniel and Jalene for the work they put into every week and pray they are blessed and encouraged for their effort. They're just two of the people in our lives that impact Cassidy in a powerful way. All of your prayers for her directly effect her; people often comment on how great she is -- she's polite, sweet, thoughtful, encouraging and adorable. Whenever someone says something about her I tell them it's because there are so many people around the world praying for her. Tom and I work very hard to model thankfulness and kindess but it takes the power of the Holy Spirit and the prayers of friends and family to create such a unique and wonderful little girl! Thank you all for investing in us!