Coffee Down South with Master Syphoner Dean

Thanks to Groupon we headed down to the Roasterie in Leawood tonight. I purchased the Groupon thinking we had to spend all of the money at once and we would therefore do one of their fancy syphon coffees. Low and behold, they gave us a gift card for our remaining balance, and let me tell you, we will be returning. We still have money there!

It was a fun outing because a) we were with friends, and b) we love letting employees (especially baristas) know we appreciate what they do. Sidenote: Did you know that at Costco you can leave comments about the employees and if they get praise for their service they get a free slice of pizza? You should try it sometime and make someone's day. Also, I've found the employees at Costco are incredibly friendly. I've switched from using the self-check out because they are ridiculously fast and very nice. I like talking to strangers...

Anywho, back to the Roasterie. Big Cassie and I had the Costa Rican Peaberry Candellia. We watched the whole process like we had never seen coffee brewed before. And in fact, I had never seen it done this way.
Master Dean getting his pour on

Quite the scientific set-up, eh? Is that
a Bunson burner?

Ooh La La

An even pour, almost
We thoroughly enjoyed our coffee experience and oohed and ahed over the process. There were some kid items for Cassidy to occupy herself with while we inspected the syphoning. She is such a trooper; it was past her bedtime but it didn't matter to her as long as she had some snacks and a creative outlet.
Coffee shop aficianado
While we sat around sipping our drinks Dean brought out a coffee mug he wanted to share with us. He told us he collects coffee mugs and this one detailed the women's movement to outlaw coffee in the 1600's. It was truly hilarious to hear how the women talked about the troubles of coffee. To describe it would be an injustice. And then Dean brought out the counterpart to the "women hate coffee" mug, the men's argument to why it is so beneficial to drink it. Let's just say the perks were hilarious and I am sure Tom and Sam will share if questioned.
Note the puzzled look on their faces: Coffee bad?
When it was all said and done I decided this would be a great way to get tea drinkers (ahem, you know who you are) into coffee. The flavor was light but full. Cassie described it as a good evening coffee experience. No bitterness, no thickness. Smooth and delicious. Well worth the drive. Thanks Groupon.

And just in case you might be a coffee geek here's a video to show you what we gathered 'round to observe. Notice the bubbles at the end!

Shabbat Shalom, ya'll!


Have you ever talked with someone that you hadn't spoken with in a week or so and they ask, "What have you been up to?"

This happened several times in the last few days and I know I've been doing stuff, but not much to really talk about. Or to post about, as seen by my lack of posting and updating the photo of the day. In fact, I'm missing a few days there. I think I must have been doing a lot and I didn't take time to realize what I was living through. But again, not much of it seems noteworthy. However, I will post some photographs of the day-to-day on Mastin Street.

I've emerged from the cloud and if someone could tell me what I've been doing the last week that would be really helpful.
little chef

this never gets old

just like olivia in venice

big enough bite?

gelato padre

another round of old maid

planting little rose moss seeds