the garden is growing and so am i. i have approximately 7 weeks left and the baby keeps getting bigger. no, he does not have a name yet. he's moving a lot these last weeks and our last diagnosis was that he is head down. i pray he stays this way.

as for the garden, i went out the other day to find two of my cucumber plants completely wilted. this is a sad occassion, especially as one of the wilted plants had my first big cucumber on it. i did some research and i found this:

cucumber beetles. these beetles spread something called bacterial wilt of cucurbits. i saw one today but he got away before i could smash him to bits. i am angry. so i sprayed all of my plants with a little soapy water and prayed that everything would continue on in good health. the good news is these guys don't usually affect watermelon plants, so the new flowers that arrived this week should turn into melons.

the cherry tomatoes are ripening and the plants keep getting taller and throwing off more fruit. the regular tomato plants have outgrown me. even the peppers, which had a late showing last year, are producing fruit that is almost ready to eat.

susan replanted her peas and did a section of radishes and they are all sticking their heads up. she covered them with some wire and we're hoping the rabbits, or whoever it was, can't get at them this time.

i guess you could say we are currently on the offensive in the garden, ever since the attack against the peas. don't mess with us!