roll over, roll over

this baby is pure coziness. he's holding his head up, so when i rest him over my shoulder he nestles into my neck. i can hear his quick little breaths and can't resist kissing his pudgey cheek. some people don't enjoy newborns; they say they're boring. but right now i'm at the point where i agree with his onesie, if only they could stay small forever. what's so great about a 6 week old baby?
the tiny goosebumps he gets when i give him a bath
his tight grasp on my hair
the grunts he makes in his sleep
the high-pitched squeal when he tries to talk
his wide eyes after he eats
his thinning hair
his desire to be held close
his struggle to get his arms free from the swaddle and then how he screams when they're finally loose
his sneezes
his tiny boogers
the way he kicks when i change his diaper
his determination to roll over... and his squeal of success, or exhaustion.
pick one. then come see him and find out for yourself.


not for hire

someone told us that once wyatt arrived we would be living in a bubble. it's true, except i think this guy meant we would forget stuff all the time and basically be less functional. i think i've entered the busy tunnel. it's probably because life broken down into 3-4 hours increments means you have to prioritize. and there's no such thing as relaxing any more. exibit A:someone has to clean off the dog's paws when she comes in from romping in the snow.
someone has to feed the family, and do the dishes (i'm actually a kitchen snob and refuse to let people help. get out!)
and since we want to be hospitable, we try to keep the house clean and the food fresh. but that doesn't mean we won't talk a little trash while playing fifa.
someone has to feed the little booger. he can't sleep all day, dreaming of emmylou and baby back ribs.
that's not to say tom doesn't help. he's great at keeping out the cold... (winkwink)

it's a tiring job, being a wife/mother/friend/blogger. but darn it, at the end of the day... i'm tired.