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I have been retiring a few mugs lately because mugs have meaning. I have a nice, large light blue mug that I bought for Wyatt's shower before he was born. I got several  of them to give as gifts as part of the shower gift I gave to some special people who made it all come together. I kept one for myself to remember how exciting his coming was. I also set aside a mug from Maasen. She designed it and gave it to me for my 30th birthday. It's special because it has the nickname she calls me on it, but looking at it in the cupboard reminds me of how horrible my 30th year was.

But recently mom mother gave me two mugs she found in the basement. At least, one of them she found in the basement and I think it was mine from college. The other one came from the basement or from her own cupboard. It is polish pottery and it probably came from my Aunt Ann. I enjoy the shape and for some reason the reminder of her is not as painful. It's like sitting down with my aunt for a cup of tea.

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A blog I have been visiting lately: You can see why if you go there. She has amazing recipes and I just made her homemade challah Friday and it was a crowd pleaser. Sam and I eyed the last piece for a long while, our politeness getting the best of us. Maasen actually finished it off for us. (I asked her to take some photos of the challah, it was that good.) The photographs on should be enough to make you want to cook, but if they're not then come on over and I'll make you some spinach bourekas, eggplant involtini or banana cake. Then you'll believe me.

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Pablo's Coffee 630 E. 6th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203
Sunday morning we traveled downtown to Pablo's Coffee. Maeret recommended City O' City to us and Tom did a little research and found out that Pablo's is the roaster for  City O' City, a coffee shop/restaurant/bar on Capitol Hill. The four of us were thrilled with the treat of Pablo's espresso. Tom and Sam had double shots of espresso while Cassie had a cappuccino and I had a macchiato. The drinks were consistent, the milk was frothed perfectly and the atmosphere was pretty good too (notice the plants in the window). If we hit Denver on our way home we will be stopping at Pablo's again.
A beautifully condensed menu: 16 items to choose from, total.

Cassie's cappuccino. Notice the rim of espresso around the frothed milk. Sizewise a little too large, but the best cappuccino she's ever had. You heard it from the horse's mouth. My first macchiato: the latte art was nice but the flavor was fantasic.

A double shot of espresso. Crema on the top and the bottom.
E.J.'s mocha. Creative art and a great flavor, not too much chocolate.
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one of my favorite demitasse cups.
although it might not technically be the correct size we'll look past that since it's from the southern hemisphere. they do things differently down there. new zealand is printed across the front, as well as on the inside, with the silver fern. there are silver ferns on the handle as well. i like the narrow shape and the thoughtfulness of the design.

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