We have some Jerusalem friends who just returned to the States for their daughter's wedding so I've been praying for their travels and their time with family. As I'm praying the overwhelming sense is this: we need G-d to be in our marriages.

Tom is incredible. From the very beginning he has been more than I dreamed I would end up with (minus the ability to grow a beard). Our first year was one of learning and we emerged as better communicators (well, I did, he was my teacher) and realized that though marriage is fun, it's a lot of work. I used to tell people that marriage is like a perpetual slumber party with your best friend. And while that's true, sometimes there are pillow fights, or you can't agree on what movie to watch, or he hogs all the popcorn.

Enter Yeshua. Because even best friends mess up. Or worse... But the point is, even though you want to believe you can always count on your spouse, you can't. And then you count on the One who brought you together. And trust Him, because all His ways are good, even when you're hurt.

I need this reminder, because frankly, my husband is INCREDIBLE. Right now he's heading back from taking Cassidy to school, in the rain, on public transportation. After staying out really late helping friends paint their baby room. He spent the last 4 months busting his cute buns to learn not just one new language, but two, meanwhile pouring into me and Cass, and a handful of other people seeking love, relationship and wisdom. But all of this is possible because He maintains a healthy, open relationship with the Giver of Life. And I'm convinced that's why this marriage of hard knocks and long distances works. 'Cause sometimes I don't follow through on my end of the deal, and he gives me grace for that.

Thank the L-rd for your marriage today (or keep praying for your future spouse!;) I am) and then thank Yeshua for Himself.