cassidy faith

(the big cheeser)

she came at last, with a little help from the doctor and a lot of help from gravity. we went in around 7:30am after the beautiful snow fall and got things rolling. at first i was concerned we'd have another wyatt delivery because no sooner had the contractions started then the nurses ran in and made me roll to my side. ugh, those little heartbeats are so sensitive. it turns out she just wanted me to lay on my side and not my back. i moved from the rocker to standing to laying over the back of the bed. and that's when it happened. i went from a 3 at 9am, a 6 at 10:10am and the little girl (although at the time she didn't seem little at all) was born at 10:38am. seven pounds, barely seven ounces, crying and messy and a girl. i wouldn't recommend delivering that fast, and come to find out the doctor doesn't recommend it either, but there's no stopping it. THE T.BLAKE FAMILY
(no, wyatt wasn't in the delivery room when his siter arrived...)

i decided that we should be finished with the childbirth thing or the next baby will be born in the kitchen. funniest part of labor: we listened to johnny cash just like we did when wyatt was born. only this time during labor i didn't want tom holding my hand or anything of that sort. in fact, when i saw him tapping his foot to the music or singing along i shot him such a look of madness that he stopped cold in his tracks. i wasn't a very gracious laborer, i'll admit it, but i never called him names or blamed him for my pain (at least not that i remember).
we're pretty excited to be at home again with wyatt and yuma and brooks. it feels good. cassidy's a sleeping and eating champ and wyatt's got a special little smile he cracks out for his sister every now and again. he's more interested in her stuff than her, though. thanks for all your prayers and phone calls and meals. we really love seeing you guys and want you to be a part of cassidy's life. here's a little show of our new baby if you have a minute and want to do something other than work -- (the link thing wasn't working so i hope this works instead. it's a great site to check out anyway)
(i'm just stoked she's out)

here's one for the scrapbook, eh? i think i'm screaming about how little she is, or that she really is a girl. when you know what you're having they don't think to verify or reassure you that she really is a SHE. but she is. and no, she's not purple anymore.


i can't believe i'm less than a week away from giving birth and i have cold. are you serious? as if sleeping at night were possible in the first place, now i have to fight nausea AND sneezing, coughing and peeing every ten minutes. sorry to complain, people, but this is why people say the last month of pregnancy is the hardest. and at this point, i agree. if cassidy is 40 lbs i don't care, just get her out. please. and heal my sore nose while you're at it.