i'm catching some flak for not posting, seems lauren's enthusiasm is making me look bad. since i haven't come up with something cute like "chicago through noah's eyes" (check out 'the littlest blake' link) you'll have to settle for a little giddy-up at wyatt & cass's. here they are in all their cowpoke-ness. they love eachother that's for sure.

when i have a minute that i'm not working on the tile or editing countless pictures or designing a wedding album or feeding the kids or actually hanging out with friends (yahoo!) then i'll add more. i've got comments on "in defense of food" and "holy cow" as well as "copernicus and the jews" so look out. hopefully there will be some readers thoughts on that. but enjoy the cuteness that comes in tiny packages that eat gobs more than you'd ever think. and thanks for being good people.


lauren's update has inspired me. good work bringing life back to the blogosphere, lauren. we needed some fresh blood around here.

i'm coming to grips with the teeter-totter life i have. things get done in increments: change the wash to the dryer but fold the clothes tomorrow, post a thought but read everyone else's blogs next weekend, jot a reminder but cross it off next month. it hit me when i heard wyatt start to stir and cassie start to get cranky. as soon as one goes to sleep, the other gets up.

instead of a box of chocolate my life resembles a loaf of bread -- a little work here, a little work there, in a couple of hours i've accomplished something.