Watch the cucumber.
See how he moves.
Like a lion
chasing a mouse.
Watch the cucumber
oh how smooth his motions...
like butter on a... bald... monkey
Watch the cucumber
all the vegetables
envy their friend
wishing to dance as he.
Dancing cucumber
dancing cucumber
dancing cucumber
dance dance yeah!

zucchini on the right, cucumbers next to them and then crawling up the lattice. some tomatoes in the cages.
green and red peppers in the front, cherry tomatoes and early girl tomatoes and kohl rabi in between.

we're going to have gazpacho and insalata caprese all summer long. come on over.


riddle me this: what kind of animal is this? see poll at right ---> (the polls are not working right now, but what do you think?)
is this animal a:
a) zebra
b) tiger
c) zeber
d) tigra


pictures to come soon...

you heard right, the little cherry tomatoes are poking their green heads out. and the invasive cucumbers are growing everywhere. i'm surprised there wasn't a movie called 'attack of the killer cucumbers.' if nothing else the aliteration is nice. the bugs have not bitten (that i can tell), the squirrels have not pestered, the rabbits have not nibbled. i love having a dog. especially when she's healthy.

we're thanking the Lord for his rain and his sun and his protection from varmints. susan expressed concern that the harvest (from my yard) will come while she's in israel. i think it will start then, but spill over into the rest of summer and early fall. i've gotten bit with the garden bug, it's a friendly green one, with yellow flowers and a veggie smell. i want more land, more soil, more sun, more crops! we'll have to see where we can expand next year. look out, merriam marketplace. 6860 may be opening shop.

and with that said, there is an old man who lives by county line and antioch who sits outside on his driveway with a little table of his produce, ready to sell to anyone who stops. wyatt's not too young for a job, he already drives his dump truck to home depot. look out bob and larry...your time is coming!


she loves the playground.