the windows are open. i am prepared to turn the fans on tomorrow if we reach the 70's. i'm hoping to get some lettuce into the ground this week. springtime.

in case you missed it, i posted about colorado, but in the vein of blogger complications, it is after the passover post. that's what i get for planning ahead.

wyatt crossed the street by himself for the first time today. i stood on the edge of our driveway, watching my little guy make a big move. he is a rule follower, careful and smart, so when i told him he could cross alone he was filled with excitement and caution. once he made it across he smiled his adorable grin and said, "mama! no cars!" i was so proud and so sad. he walked down the sidewalk to harrison's house and kept turning around and waving, saying "bye, mama!" tom watched from the window and hollered out at him, too. when he saw tom wyatt's face lit up again and he waved, proud of his accomplishment and glad his papa saw it.

i don't know what i'm going to do when he goes off to preschool in the fall. i wasn't anxious to put him in school; i love the time we have together and i wish i had more. i must get this from my mother. she wasn't in any hurry to send me off. even though i didn't like having braces up until my sophomore year, orthodontist appointments allowed us to spend some special time together, going to lunch and stopping at thift stores. we have fun memories just the two of us, cutting class.

so in the fall cass and i will walk with wyatt down the street to his new school and for two and half hours we'll find ourselves without our wy-wy. i don't know who will miss him more...


the eve of passover. yom tov.


less than two weeks ago we were in colorado, bundling up and enjoying the mountains. i spent two days out on my snowboard, or what i thought was my snowboard but it turns out it's really sarah's. long story.

all you need to know is that after ten years of hibernation i made it down the mountain painlessly, and backwards. and then i got my bindings fixed and it was even more fun.
tom took care of the kids while i enjoyed my old ski runs with my family. they sledded at the mountain and made lego ships and watched hoops.

i got to watch abbie learn how to ski and that was thrilling. she picked it up so quickly and made all of us proud. from 5 year old abbie to 73 year old uncle jack we covered the hills of winter park.
we also met rachel's boyfriend e.j. and even though she is a skier, e.j. knows the fun stuff happens on a board. he took jumps every chance he got and when he didn't land them it didn't matter, he got back up and tried the next one. it was a lot of fun getting to know him and laughing on the chairlift together.

the highlight for me was hanging out with rachel. we're happy that she loves it in colorado, but if there was a way to bring the mountains to merriam we would.

we also ate a lot while we were there, each of us making different meals, but i don't have any photos to show of the food. but believe me, it was delicious.