We're searching for the right backpack for Cassidy. Why is this post-worthy? Because there is no Target/Wal-Mart/Office Max near us. It means that when we're actually in the city center we have to take advantage of the stores, even if it means while we're waiting for the train. We hustle hear, or window-shop there. Being a pregnant woman with a five-year old also complicates the search.

Last Spring we went to the fancy outdoor shopping center where there is a North Face store. They had some nice kid-sized backpacks, but wrote them off as over-priced. We ended up getting her this Hello, Kitty backpack on Ben Yehuda street. She was thrilled to have such a girly bag.

The weight of her breakfast, lunch, mayim bahkbook (water bottle) and sometimes her jacket is starting to bust the seams of the fuzzy-faced Hello, Kitty backpack.  The final straw is the fact that her homework folder won't fit in the pack without folding down the corners, not an excellent way to submit her hard work. I suppose we were taken in by the price, 60 NIS ($15), but it only lasted about 6 months. 

Wednesday, before my doctors visit, since we were in the area, we went back to the North Face store. There were no kid-sized backpacks, and when I asked the clerk about it he tried to get me to consider a hydration pack, since it's smaller. Not quite what I had in mind, but good try. We hurried through the rest of the center, looking for any kind of store that might have backpacks and ended up getting her a pair of much-needed jeans. Then we rushed off to get a cab to go to the doctor. (The whole time we're at the Mamilla mall I'm thinking, Hurry, maximize the time!)

Thursday we found ourselves again in the city center (after Cassie recorded a short video for announcements at King of Kings -- superstar!). We visited a school supply store on King George and I felt like a very elementary version of Goldilocks. The clerk pulled down one bag and when Cass put it on it engulfed her whole body. I told him, gadol (big). Then he gestured to another bag, more like the one we already have and I said, katan (small). We went back and forth, trying to find the right bag, using my minimal Hebrew and hand gestures to communicate. "Lo tov," I finally responded, telling him these were no good, finishing with "Todah", thank you (which is such a simple word but I still can't figure out where to put the emphasis). We walked away empty handed, but not before Cass helped him move carts out of the way so he could put his step ladder away.

I wish Cass would just hurry up and learn Hebrew so I can use her as my interpreter. Maybe by the time she's fluent we'll find a backpack.