Remember Jerusalem

Hey everyone! We are officially going for it -- our dream of going to Israel is becoming a reality. We sent out letters to everyone we have addresses for, so if you didn't get one and want one e-mail me at If you want e-mail updates and newsletters, e-mail me too.

And please check out our website:

Blessings and Shalom!


Grocery Shopping with Cassidy

Turn up your volume...
 This is what happens when the Boss is rocking over the loud speakers and I'm taking too long to pick out deoderant.


Mama's Birthday

Tomorrow is my Mama's birthday. This photo was taken two years ago on her birthday.
At that time we were still adjusting to the absence of Aunt Ann, my mom's only sibling, her best friend and really the only aunt I've known. The kids called her Great Auntie Ann. Ezekiel was a wonderful little gift that we found out about shortly after Ann went to the L-rd. I secretly hoped he would be born on her birthday, August 24th, but I was just as thrilled that he came on Lauren's birthday. I know my mom was happy to have him here for her birthday.

As the mother of four she spends a lot of time nurturing us, taking care of every little need, encouraging and praying for us. She packed our lunches every day and came to every event we ever had -- school plays, softball, baseball, basketball and football games, drill team performances, recitals, musicals. She's been married to the same wonderful man for over 40 years and has modeled service and love every day. I am blessed to call her Mama. I still call her on bad days, or when I'm sick, or a need a break. We cry together and laugh together. I think she used my age as an excuse to keep me out of kindergarten for a year so we could hang out more. I'm glad she did.

The L-rd has said that she has His heart, that she loves her children and grandchildren deeply and He loves that about her. I love that about her too.

Happy Birthday, Mama! You're my favorite mama.


August 14th

Today is Zeke's 2nd birthday. This is the present the L-rd gave me:
This is the Gerber daisy I got for Mother's Day, just before Wyatt went to Heaven. It over-wintered just fine, it remained leafy and green. When I put it out on the front porch this summer some critter ate it down to almost nothing. I was very upset that this plant might not make it. By the grace of G-d and His nurturing it survived. I have been waiting for a few weeks, watching three blooms develop and then this one started to get taller than the others. Never did I imagine that it would fully bloom today. But that is the way of the Creator. It's a little something special only He could do. I am thankful.



If you read Lauren's blog then you already know that the famous JBlakes were in town. It was a weekend-long extravaganza, and we wish it never ended. But they went back to Frisco and we're left with some good memories. On Tuesday we went to Pump It Up, thanks to Mimi's groupon skills. This is the first time Cassidy has been to an inflatable jump place since the "incident" and I'm thankful it's over and she's fine. She was a little skiddish, but not in the moonwalk (although I was watching like a hawk). She didn't really enjoy going solo down the slides. There were several instances when Uncle Paul or Harrison had to rescue her. I used this as opportunity to talk about needing rescuing, so it worked out, but at the time it was a bit of a hassle. With that said, here is Uncle Paul saving little Cass while taking Dassah down. What a guy.