i'm sad all over so i am posting a photo from our trip that makes me laugh. 
sam is one of those guys you can't help but love because he has a heart of gold, but sometimes he is just plain hilarious. i like that.


The river brings out the silliness in Cassidy.

It also brings out the silliness in the boys.
Even after we've left the river it continues in the car.
Something about the cold water and warm sunshine.


Yesterday while the guys golfed Susan, team Cass and I went to the Blue River. We found a great spot that required brave maneuvering downhill, little Cass in arms, flip flops on Susan's feet. It was worth the awkward trek, both up and down hill. I found some beautiful stones that will be a nice reminder of the day.

Little Warrior Cassidy, she loved every minute in the cold cold water. This was one of the glorious days that rain didn't interrupt our outing.
 A great place to splash and play. Big Cass went way out and swam around. She rode the tide back to us, and returned like an ice cube. It took her a while to warm back up.
The perfect playground: Little loved gathering rocks, turning the big rocks into challah.
Though a bit dark I like this photo: Team Cass getting in the deep end. Little is monkeying around a bit, which isn't so surprising.
I couldn't resist adding this one. Eliana didn't think she wanted her picture taken but then I smiled at her and she changed her mind.


Our adventure started Saturday night, packing up in the smothering heat, making several stops in order to gather all of our goodies for our trip to Colorado. We drove through the night, Tom and Sam staying up for the large portion, Cassie and I taking the hard pre-sunrise drive. We arrived tired but thankful for the cool weather. It is very cool here, and we are loving it (sorry).

If you're interested in coffee and food adventures check out the food and drink tab. Otherwise stay tuned for our small but enjoyable adventures. (Again, mostly out of order because of the annoying blogger photo upload set-up. Please fix this blogger.)

We hit Rocky Mountain National Park, a treat for all of us. Little Cassie did not sleep on our way up there but she pushed past the need for a nap, for the most part, and climbed up the waterfall with some help from Papa. She was very brave and enjoyed the cold, gushing water.
Wildflowers. Wildflowers. Everywhere.
E.J., Sam and Big Cass getting ready for their first day of fishing.
Horseshoe Falls. This is where Little Cass learned (after falling on her bum on the hard rocks) to get low on the harder parts. Now she crouches down to stay safe a lot, even when it doesn't seem completely necessary.
This is Cassie on the cusp of a breakdown...
but Papa does a great job cheering her up!

This is Sam being a rascal at Rachey's. I think this is an ornery face, but Big Cass says this is a real, and rarely captured smile, of Sam. Sam in the wild or perhaps just on vacation.
Team Cass hanging out in the playhouse in Rachel's backyard. There's a good chance Big is telling Little a story. The same story of the moose with the thorn in her paw that has been told so many times Little can tell it herself. She keeps asking Big to tell her the story again anyway.
Skip to today and fishing in the Blue River not far from our house in Silverthorne. It took quite a while to convince her to try fishing, but she eventually gave it a try. She caught as many fish as Sam and Cassie. Nada.


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Sabbath Swimming

On Saturday, while Tom was getting his diploma for a Masters in Religious Education in Middle Eastern History, we went to Big Cassie's mom's house. (Lil' Cass called it Sam's house.) She lives out in Linwood off of a gravel road, with horses and chickens and roosters. Her house has a wrap-around porch and a pool. It is a such a wonderful place and sometimes we get to hang out with Cassie's brother, Seth, who is pretty great. He is Cassie's little brother, afterall. We have yet to hang out with her mom, however. She has more of a social life than we do.

We've been swimming a lot this summer and finally I got some video of Cass. She has quickly progressed and now she'll go without her swim vest and has no trouble being under the water. I would like to post all of the videos but I have narrowed it down to these few: some of Cass and Cass, some of Sam, some of the chickens. Grab some popcorn and enjoy! (In no particular order, the uploading and arrangement took a long time.) 
This one is fun to me because Lil' Cass seems so big here. Big Cass did a great job encouraging her in so many ways while we were out there.

Sam's entrance into the pool: a beautiful gainer. You can hear Big Cass talking about how good he is at these if you listen carefully.

Chicken Man Sam. And the Casses.

Here's Lil' Cass pushing off the bottom of the pool to jump up out of the water. So fun!

Like I said, in no particular order...Cassie's entrance into the pool. She thought she needed help, but she didn't. Can you hear the rooster? And then she got distracted by Big Cass putting an innertube in the pool, but just one.

There are more videos I could post but I suppose this is enough for now. Tune in next time.


Friday at the Mall

While Papa is in Arkansas we've been having some little adventures of our own. On Friday Maasen took us to the Oak Park Mall. Little did I realize this would be so much fun, and so when the day started I did not pull out my camera. Thus I missed Cassidy eating her first Godiva Truffle. She picked out one with a pink swirl on it and we both enjoyed it immensely.
(If you sign up on their free list you get a free truffle every month. Hint hint, husbands.)
 Cass and Maas rode the carousel together. Cass chose the seal and Maasen chose...
 the panda bear. Aren't they cute?
We all rode the escalator a couple times but Cass could have done that ride all day.
 After touching these public objects Cass was sure to use the sanitizing soap, another mall highlight. See the excitement?!
 This is the look of dirty hands getting clean. Serious business.
Maasen treated Cass to a spin in this rad ride. I think this is just her way of influencing Cassie to like Jeeps. It's a jeep thing, I guess. (Maas actually tried to get in this kiddie car but that was not quite successful. I might have video footage.) 
 Then she played in the little kids play area which re-emphasized the importance of wearing shorts, and not dresses, on excursions such as this.
When I rode the carousel with Cassie, she chose this little princess carriage thing. She enjoyed being in it so much she gave me the Miss America wave (which, oddly enough, Papo taught her to do while riding in the golf cart).
I tried to take a few photos of the two of us and then a nice dad who was riding with his daughter offered to take our picture. I know it looks like I'm gripping her arm awkwardly, but really, we're having a good time.
Just before the bell rang, signaling the start of the carousel, Cassie changed her mind and wanted to ride the panda. But not the same panda as Maasen, just so you know. We enjoyed it so much I forgot all about naps. She pushed past pretty well. I think the soft pretzel helped. 
And this is what happens when Papa leaves town and the girls go to the mall. A Pretty good idea, Maasen.