Year End Wrap Up

Obviously we've been a little busy, but after a day of naps, stomach bug and more rest I'm ready to update this blog with some photos. We sent two suitcases with John and it feels good to know that yes, we're one step closer to going. In the last month we've tied up a lot of details, like packing and cleaning the house, selling the house, spending a lot of time (but not enough) with family.

I'm realizing that it won't feel real until we're in Jerusalem. Even with all the change, it's hard to believe we'll be halfway around the world in six and a half weeks. But I'll get there... literally and figuratively. Ha!

Practicing her dreidel skills. Next year it will be pei instead of sham.

Blake Family Tradition requires Tom to try to be taller than his brothers in family photos. He is jumping in this photo. And Harrison's doing a pretty good job giving him a run for his money.

Mima reading about the meaning of Christmas and the ramifications of Jesus coming. Baruch Haba B'Shem Adonai.

Christmas with the Franzes. Considerably smaller, but just as cute.

 Can you tell Cassidy is excited about moving? That's her new carry-on from Rachey and EJ. She named it RJ, for Rachey & EJ. Conveniently it's the abbreviation for Remember Jerusalem, as well. Some things were meant to be.

 Cousin Lovin'. There's not much more that can be said.

And some serious Christmas dancing. Enjoy!

A few more days and Tom will be in Israel. We're praying things go well with his travel, meeting various people throughout the country, and home-hunting. Love to you all, near and far.