wyatt is now four years old and his baby book is still only a half-finished project. i'm not sure now is the best time to do this, but i'm going to try to finish his first year. i realize this will be a bittersweet endeavor. i am thankful for my children and the time i've had with them, so i will try to complete their books this year and give thanks for them. along with that i will post some photos because it's amazing to see how much they change.

when wyatt was born tom called him viejo, old man in spanish. it stuck for a few months and we still laugh about it. he's come a long way in four years and we love all the little things that make him our wyatt william.

most amazing photos are courtesy of sarah sorell,


the sun is just now coming up but the clouds only reveal a gray sky. thinking that tom and i are still asleep, the kids are in their room playing "family". this involves one of cassie's babies (usually crying or disobeying). cass is usually the mama and wyatt plays the role of brother or papa. they both pretend to be the baby when it comes to crying. i wish you could hear their conversation. their little voices are loaded with emotion and pretend maturity.

these are the moments that are wonderful to witness. since they think we're still sleeping they play in their room, giving us some extra sleep time before they come in our room with either one of two concerns: they are hungry or wyatt needs his bottom wiped. cassie is usually the carrier of the bottom news, as wyatt is sitting on the toilet. and they usually go to papa for this.

so why am i awake already if papa is the early bird? i've been sick lately, a subtle constant that lingers with me. i have trouble breathing, usually in the morning or later at night. so when i awoke at 6 this morning i decided to get up and change the look of canoeamericana.

here it is.

i know some of you check this because you live out of state and are interested in what's going on in our lives. or you want to make sure we're doing alright. we're doing alright. we've been better, but we've also been worse.

we're looking forward to today.