quedstions & searh

this is somewhat tacky, somewhat just what i do 'cause i don't like to let go of certain things and mostly because i don't like to ask for help: i'm creating invitations for our open house/shower (that my sister and bri are having for us) and halfway through printing and putting stamps on these postcards, i noticed two errors. i misspelled 'questions' and my sister's name. i'm thinking the font is weird enough that people might overlook it, but really i feel like an idiot.

isn't this supposed to be my specialty? i spent four years learning how to write and edit and now i've screwed this up. and what makes it worse is i have to feed these through the printer individually, so if i do decide to correct this error it means at least three more hours in front of the computer, monotonously typing in addresses and sliding little blue postcards through the printer. ugh -- what a moral dilemma.


tell me what i want to hear

tonight was one of those nights where i think we're going to be alright as parents. but then i have to remind myself that miles and isobel are amazing because their parents are amazing.

while galadriel went to a meeting to help battered and abused women, luke and the kids came over for dinner and some home improvements. as i'm standing in the kitchen getting dinner ready i hear miles' little voice from out on the sun porch, "you're one of my best friends, tom." and every time tom brings out something and puts it on the table isobel whispers, "thanks, tom." no sooner had i sat down then miles is thanking me for the food. isobel, of course, thanks tom again.

we eat dinner peacefully, no spills or fusses, and then it's time to color. isobel favors pink and purple, gathering all the crayons of those colors to her side of the table, while miles sticks with the red and orange colored pencils. we draw hearts and dragons, dragons mostly, and come to think of it, i do most of the drawing, but they're so happy that i'm using their favorite colors that it doesn't matter that my dragon doesn't look exactly like the one on the box and that my hearts are a little mishapen. and while miles and i finish our dragon, isobel is putting all of her crayons back in the box. without being told to do so.

having a sweet tooth myself, i offer them their choice of blow pop or tootsie roll pop. miles takes the red tootsie roll and isobel takes the purple one, of course. miles, being the responsible three year old, asks his dad if it's okay for them to have the suckers. and after telling both me and luke that she can unwrap the sucker herself, isobel eventually gets too eager and asks for help.

so hats off to the thompson parents -- they have succeeded at something most people can't even imagine. they have two, soon to be three, beautiful children, who respect adults other than their parents, know how to share with each other, and even pick up after themselves. and of course, say all the right things.

sweatpants are good

i woke up this morning and realized, i need to shower. isn't that scary? i won't tell you how long it had been, but it felt good. absence does make the heart grow fonder. and as i was getting dressed i looked at my belly and said, i want to be really comfortable today (by the way, com-fort-able should always be pronounced as such, not com-frtbul). i opened up the closet and ta-dah, these black addidas-looking pants were hanging there, on loan from my sister-in-law. and they are just what the massive belly ordered. i don't think i can get any bigger, which is good, 'cause i'm wearing these pants every day till this baby comes. at least around the house...

also, i'm trying to get the business organized and i am realizing how poorly large businesses run things. they make it so hard for the little guys to really make any headway. example: yesterday tom and i went to a large furniture store (one that boasts it's four football fields big) looking for various items. we found a fantastic rocker, maybe a bit expensive, but very much our taste. when we asked a sales clerk for some assistance it turned into such a fiasco. it ended up with me saying, we'll just look around and see what we find. thanks...

but then the real trouble started. we're switching furniture around for the baby and realized, maybe we should recycle for him and get a new dresser for us. we found a dresser that would work so well in our room, the right color, the right size, the right price. it was a perfect solution until we were told that a) the dresser we were interested in could not be purchased for the price that was shown, b) we could order it for more money ("but it's still a great deal"), and c) the only way we could get the dresser for the price that was advertised was if we bought the whole bedroom set ("we can't sell individual pieces, because who wants part of a bedroom set?" um, we do, that's who, idiot) . so i was frustrated after hours of looking and then thinking we've found what we're looking for and THEN we run into this bozo with his false advertising.

after working for a small business and now with another small business, i expect more out of customer service. i refuse to believe the world is full of idiots, but recently i have not had enough proof to show otherwise. garage sales and second-hand stores are still the best places to get what you want.


just to show off

this is abbie again. i love this munchkin so much. i got to hang out with her friday and i have to say, if the lord blesses us with a child like abbie, i will forever be thankful. she has the sweetest temperment; she only fusses when she's hungry (she's a franz girl) and she just loves being with people, even if they're not completely focused on her. we played with blocks, and talked about animals and then cuddled while watching baby einstein. the night was rounded off with some mac-n-cheese and asparagus. that girl can chow down. then james came home and as i was leaving all i could hear was this hilarious exchange, with james saying, "ABBIE!" and her saying "DAH-DAH!" right back at him. back and forth. so cute.

come on out baby

who knew 9 months could look this good. in this picture candra is three days from having her son, alexander william. (born this saturday evening) doesn't she look incredible? galadriel's got about 6 weeks and i'm pushing 11. all boys. they will be best friends and true trouble-makers. just check out their fathers...

it's been so long since i've had anything to say. i think this baby is sucking out my brains. and i've been on social overload. so saturday, after a morning of cleaning out the to-be-play room, i threw up and stayed on the couch. watched my favorite wizards player score an own goal, which hurts tremendously, then slept.

truly i wish my belly would get bigger. i've been in this miserable state of maximum capacity, where he's pushing into my ribs and making my esophogus do disgusting things and all i know is, i'm ready for this guy to make his appearance. 11 weeks to go.

so candra and andy had their little booger this weekend, and he is cute. at least in the pictures. dark hair and great little features for being so new to the world. i don't know if i can do this feeling of expectance for another two months or more. how grueling. i suppose i've gone into enough detail about the "joys" of pregnancy, but the shine has worn off and now i want my son.


My Soccer Journey

I still remember watching my first World Cup in Italia '90. (I may have watched some of Mexico '86, but I don't remember). I only remember the games on the USA network and they would cut to commercials throughout the game. When the game would come back on, there was often one or two goals scored...bad luck for the viewer I guess? In the '94 Cup in the USA, the television innovaters in the US used our marketing genius to put the score and advertisements in the corner of the tele-screen during games to prevent interuption (something all sports would steal from soccer).

By this time, the Blake family was well on their way from transitioning from a basketball family to a soccer family (a little discussed movement in the Michael Blake family). The round of 16 loss to Brazil on Independence Day set a precedent for Blake holidays and hangouts as the family gathered to cheer our nation to victory. The precendent was also set as the Jason Blake ran "Masterpiece Painting" (who happened to employee Tom and Paul Blake) focused on the games instead of their work. (Good thing we were saving for college since we were in the 5th grade....true story).

The MLS kicked off the inaugural season (with my college team playing before the first Wiz
game of all time) shortly after the World Cup; and mom and dad had season tickets with mom bringing her yellow card to the games to show off to the opposing teams when necessary.

Jason actually paid for cable for the 1998 games in France (good thing France hosted so they could qualify). Jason and I claimed to have watched every single game; but mom and dad's professional soccer enthusiasm began to wane as they focused on Susan's rising soccer career and skills (thanks in large part to her club coach).

And who can forget the early mornings/late evenings for Japan/Korea 2002? Leah and I began our relationship during the hermit-like season that is the month of a World Cup. After Brazil lifted the trophy, I knew she was the one because we were still dating (I was also playing twice a week). Plus, it was a quarter final finish for the USA (we should have made it to the semifinals if not for the German hand ball on the goal line that was never called) so Leah was destined to be a fan of the world's most popular sport. We got cable at my house in the hood with Nate and Seth and then cancelled the cable shortly after the games, but we still had free cable until the day they sold the in the hood is it was free rent (I miss Luna).

Well, soccer has come a long way in the US, and I am glad to be alive during the "birthing process" (Wyatt William will be born around thanksgiving time). MLS has almost completed its 10th season and the Wizards were the champions in 2000. My best understanding is that the Wizards will get a new stadium in Johnson County and an ownership group that stands behind us. Not a bad place to "raise your kids on Wizards soccer" (Leah Blake).

And, as of Saturday night, the US men's national team, your red, white, and blues, have qualified for the World Cup next June in Germany. We beat Mexico 2-0 to finish a qualifying campaign that has lasted about 2 years. Well done Yanks...and Go USA! (this is about as patriotic as I ever enjoy).