my sister rachel teaches pre-school to little little children. she was in town this weekend and told me a story about two kids in one of her classes. they are three years old and they're alphabatizing words, and not just the first letter but to the second and third letter. is that wonderful or what? it makes me so excited for wyatt to start talking and reading and all that stuff. my other sister sarah got him a membership to a children's book club for his birthday and i love reading him those books. with titles like "how to dinosaurs clean their rooms?" and "i love my mama" who wouldn't want to read. if only i could get him to sit still...


just because

so like everyone else in kansas we became farmers of a sort this fall and grew grass. just two months ago our lawn was dirt and now look! once the leaves got picked up, guess what i found! i'm so pleased! i prayed so much, mostly while standing outside making sure the sprinkler got all the grass and god answered by dinky little prayer for grass. i can't believe those seeds sprouted into this. ahhh...
and this little booger is cutting more teeth and is so unhappy right now, cryin and trying to sleep and just all out pouty. it makes me thankful that he has been as easy as pie for 12 months. i can take a few days of utter sadness, as long as they result in teeth (although the dr. informed me they aren't the front ones, but the side ones, so he'll be sporting the ever-popular 'i got in a fight and lost my front two teeth' look. otherwise known as vampirish.)