a-1 trash man

it amazes me how fast wyatt's moods change. this morning started off rocky and i offered to trade places with tom. he's spraying a house today and thankfully he didn't take me up on my offer. an hour after wyatt's crabby breakfast episode the trash man comes and wyatt is enthralled. he crouches down to look out the window as the a-1 guy throws the bags into the truck. when the lever lifts the trash can, well that's the icing on the cake. and then usually there's a cute wave from the trash guy and wyatt just stares. maybe he's thinking, one day i want to do that...maybe he's thinking, thank you for taking my stinky diapers. whatever he's thinking, he looks darn cute while doing it.



wyatt just barely fit into this get-up for the tournament, but it really doesn't matter, does it?

uncle joe

this is wyatt on the tail-end of being sick. i'd like to think that he was crabby because of said sickness, however, i think it has more to do with the fact that he does not remember the last time he saw joe (he was only 9 months, i think). he thought joe was hilarious, but only at a distance. when joe got his paws on wyatt i thought the world was going to fall apart...maybe next time wyatt will be more polite when his uncle comes to the states.


i almost forgot...

wyatt puked on brooks' foot, too. that makes everyone a victim of the vomit, except yuma. lucky dog.


in the last five days i've:

had both babies poop on me in the same day
watched wyatt projectile vomit while sitting on tom's lap
bathed wyatt at least 6 times in one day
washed wyatt's sheets a dozen times
reswaddled cassidy in the middle of the night more times than i care to count
gagged because of my son's poop
thrown up myself
rinsed some form of excrement out of every member of our family's clothes (except yuma's?)
listened to wyatt cry more than i thought was possible
watched wyatt eat a banana while dancing while sitting on tom's lap
let wyatt watch television (9pm and nacho libre was on...harmless, right?)
slept and not slept
asked for God's mercy multiple times every day

having sick babies is the pits.

look at the size of that mellon

um, where is cassidy, luke?

who are these people and why do they look like they're going to eat my daughter???