The Girls

I just have to post these photos, no particular reason except that I know Lauren will appreciate them, and Stephanie is a faithful reader, and I have them sitting on my external hard drive screaming to be seen. I love these girls and all the little amazing things they do. They are a joy and delight, they increase the laughter and the volume in our home and constantly remind me to slow down and love more.
This was taken when we went out for my birthday to Cafe Kadosh. She is so gorgeous and did a wonderful job humoring the grown ups as we talked and sipped our coffee. Of course the fancy dessert at the end helped things. 
Who doesn't love naked babies? And naked babies with fluffy hair?! I want to kiss her pudge just looking at this photograph.
 I had to see what her hair would look like in a spike. It's a bit similar to Cousin Valor's, although his hair grew into a natural mohawk. Very cool.
Happiness is chilling on the couch with your sister.

Nothing much more going on, just chilling this Shabbat with Maasen, enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze. It's a great day to say Thanks to the One Who makes all things possible.

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